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JavaScript Dashboard Masterclass [video course]

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In this masterclass we will building 3 separate animated dashboards, utilising a mixture of libraries and techniques. You can view a live demo of dashboard 3 here

What you’ll learn here

🔥 Build animated charts using the chart libraries - Chart.js, Apexcharts and Chartist

🔥 Retrieve and transform data from real API’s using fetch and axios

🔥 Add a dark mode toggle which detects user preferences and saves on screen refresh

🔥 Advanced usage of CSS variables and HTML data attributes

🔥 Create elegant animations and transitions using the libraries - GSAP, AOS and Anime.js

What you need to know

🔥 Basic level of HTML

🔥 Basic level of CSS

🔥 Basic level of JS

🔥 Basic level of VS code and extensions

Who the course is for

🔥 Both beginners and pros with a keen interest in building rich, JavaScript driven user interfaces.

🔥 Anyone looking to get into elite level JavaScript animation libraries - as a means to create beautiful effects with much less code.

🔥 Frontend developers who are curious about which technologies to use in different situations.

What you get in the bundle

📦 10+ hours of video content

📦 HTML, CSS and JS source code

📦 Free lifetime updates

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JavaScript Dashboard Masterclass [video course]

12 ratings
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