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HTML CSS Dashboard [video course preview]

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This preview version only contains parts 1 and 2.


Part One

- Setup project and create files

- Import icons and fonts via CDN's

- Create reset and card CSS styles

- Declare and implement CSS variables

- Build dashboard top row with flexbox

- Start to explore @media queries

Part Two

- Build a donut chart using pure CSS

- Expose our first pseudo element

- Harness the power of grid to build charts

- Create chart gridlines using CSS gradients

- Introduction to responsive flex ordering

Skills you'll gain

🏆 Basic HTML including semantic and non-semantic elements

🏆 Advanced CSS including variables, animations and transitions

🏆 Responsive design with flex, grid and media queries

🏆 How to build charts with just HTML and CSS

🏆 How to use font and icon libraries via CDN's

🏆 Expert tips on how to write clean and reusable code

What's included

🔥 Over 1.5 hours of video content (2 videos)

🔥 HTML and CSS source code for each part

🔥 Free lifetime updates


- This course is an ongoing project and updates will be made regularly.

- As it's a digital product, refunds will be offered on a personal basis.

- All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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HTML CSS Dashboard [video course preview]

0 ratings
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